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After School​​ Martial Arts Program

Children and parents absolutely love our program!

Our After School program gives parents peace of mind that their children are in a safe, supervised environment while engaging in wholesome and fun activities. Our program is packed with fun, engaging activities that teach children the character lessons that will help them succeed in life: confidence, respect for themselves and others, leadership, perserverance, and to overcome their fears. We understand that no two children are alike and strive to help them learn how to maximize their potential by setting goals and having a positive attitude towards life. 

Safe & Structured Environment
Warriors Way After School program is a fun, educational alternative to traditional daycare or going home to an empty house. Structure and routine are important to help children learn to self-control and self-discipline. Our students know what to expect and what is expected of them each day when they arrive after school. This helps them feel secure and learn how to build structure in their lives.

Fitness & Focus
Our program gives children a physical outlet after a long day at school. Martial arts classes are a fun way for children to achieve fitness and focus. They not only learn how to defend themselves physically but mentally by building self-confidence. Our Junior Black Belt program is designed to help children learn to set small goals (such as their next belt rank) in order to acheive larger goals (like Junior Black Belt). 

Friends & Fun
Our After School program is a great place for your child to make new friends in a positive social setting. Students share a common bond while training in martial arts and build friendships that can last a lifetime. 

Caring & Supportive Staff
Our staff truly cares about every one of our students. We are CPR and first aid certified and undergo continuous training to ensure we are providing the best program for your family.
Black Belt Principles Character Education Program
Young children learn primarily from the examples around them. Today's children are exposed to a lot of programming containing potty humor and disrespect disrespectful behavior that is pretty much exactly the opposite of the way children should act.

So we did some research and found a cartoon series that actually shares all the values we teach here in our school. We purchased a subscription for all our young students to help reinforce the life lessons we talk about every day. The subscription gives us a lot of highly effective tools to help instill positive character development in our students including animations, visual aids, and coloring sheets! There is even a Harry & Friends game available in the app store.

The main character “Harry” will serve as a positive role model, not only teaching them abstract concepts like self discipline and respect but demonstrating real life behaviors like cleaning their rooms and saying yes ma’am and no ma’am. This example will help them really work on internalizing those behaviors themselves.

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We transport from the following area schools...

Hanover County School District                  
​Battlefield Park Elementary 
Cold Harbor Elementary
Laurel Meadow Elementary
Mechanicsville Elementary
Pole Green Elementary
​Rural Point Elementary

Private Schools

Atlee Christian Academy
Landmark Christian School